July 8, 2009

I’m just gonna post the important parts :

The New York Times reports on the sad tale of Robert Bowman, a law school graduate whose application for admission to the New York bar was rejected — because he had too much student loan debt and had a history of missed payments.

With more than $400,000 in student loans and accumulated interest, the judges apparently felt he had not demonstrated the judgment worthy of practicing law in New York.

While there is a good amount of not entirely unfair righteous indignation over the outcome of this case so far, Mr. Bowman’s bizarre borrowing record does raise an eyebrow and, to be honest, you do have to question his judgment. Mr. Bowman had not made a single payment on his student loans in the 26 years since he began taking them out.

and the funny but sad part:

The irony of course is that without the ability to practice law, Bowman will have virtually no prayer of getting his financial life in order.



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