AHH Feature: Bow Wow: Cash Money, Baby! Part 1

September 9, 2009

AllHipHop.com: Now that you are moving over to Cash Money are your fans going to see a musical change in terms of what you rap about?

Bow Wow: This music is totally different. I said earlier I grew up Snoop and Dre in ’93. I was around that at a young age. Before I was Lil’ Bow Wow my rap name was Kid Gangsta. All I listened to was gangsta music and that’s all I was around. At six when I was around Dr. Dre and Snoop…they had me rapping about some crazy s**t. Stuff you couldn’t even imagine. When I first rapped for Jermaine it was some hard s**t and he was like “Awww man. No. This ain’t never going to work.” When I first rapped for Jermaine I was doing something I did for one of Snoop’s old records. Even if you look back at the clip of me on the Arsenio Hall show I was talking about crazy s**t. I said “n***a” on live TV. I was wilding at five because of what I was around.

Lemme find out Bow Wow is growing up!
I’m talking as if he’s not older than me lol Well anyway, I guess you have to hit your lows before shit changes. It’s only up now doggie (no pun intended.) Much love to that brother.

Read the interview here

P.S I know that excerpt I selected has nothing to do with him growing up; go read the fucking article!


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