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AllHipHop.com: Now that you are moving over to Cash Money are your fans going to see a musical change in terms of what you rap about?

Bow Wow: This music is totally different. I said earlier I grew up Snoop and Dre in ’93. I was around that at a young age. Before I was Lil’ Bow Wow my rap name was Kid Gangsta. All I listened to was gangsta music and that’s all I was around. At six when I was around Dr. Dre and Snoop…they had me rapping about some crazy s**t. Stuff you couldn’t even imagine. When I first rapped for Jermaine it was some hard s**t and he was like “Awww man. No. This ain’t never going to work.” When I first rapped for Jermaine I was doing something I did for one of Snoop’s old records. Even if you look back at the clip of me on the Arsenio Hall show I was talking about crazy s**t. I said “n***a” on live TV. I was wilding at five because of what I was around.

Lemme find out Bow Wow is growing up!
I’m talking as if he’s not older than me lol Well anyway, I guess you have to hit your lows before shit changes. It’s only up now doggie (no pun intended.) Much love to that brother.

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P.S I know that excerpt I selected has nothing to do with him growing up; go read the fucking article!

oh em gee!

September 2, 2009

John Bartlett for Claiborne

There were like 2 or 3 more eye-catching looks but this was the hottest.

Killer Mike says He Gives Obama A Grade C

I agree 90%

No wonder the major record labels are in trouble
A look at music promotions exposes inefficiencies in the business

By Clifford Hunt

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Rambo V

August 31, 2009

John Rambo’s officially readying for a fifth mission.

Nu Image/Millennium Films has greenlit the franchise’s fifth installment, with Sylvester Stallone starring and directing, repeating his duties from 2008’s “Rambo.”

The upcoming project’s storyline revolves around Rambo fighting his way through human traffickers and drug lords to rescue a young girl abducted near the U.S.-Mexico border. Production will start in the spring.


Rhapsody Jay Z 60 YouTube

Best thing I’ve seen on the internets all day.